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An annual audit of your ACH operations and related processes helps reduce risk and ensure compliance.  This audit gives your management team a professional opinion of your ACH risk assessment along with suggestions for improvement.

BSA Audit
Our BSA audit is a comprehensive review focused on risk-based testing as well as reviewing related documents, policies and procedures. It offers reasonable assurance of compliance with government mandates. 

An objective report of any violations, findings or areas of weakness noted and suggested corrective action is delivered to assist in strengthening and enhancing the overall BSA compliance program.

Compliance Review
Custom compliance reviews are tailored to fit your bank’s needs. These reviews can be full scope or focused on specific regulations.  The review helps ensure compliance and prevent issues with regulatory examination.

  • Attestation of internal control loans investments
  • Bank Secrecy Act
  • Bookkeeping review
  • CALL report
  • Deposit compliance
  • HMDA
  • Loan compliance
  • Quarterly compliance reviews
  • Valuation agreement

Director’s Examinations
Day-to-day business operations are the responsibility of the bank officers and their staff, but bank directors are responsible for overall objectives and strategy, including the enforcement of bank policies and practices. 

Director’s examinations help directors manage liability by assessing bank conditions and policies.   The exam is subject to state law minimum requirements, but can be tailored to specific areas of concern or higher risk. Depending on your needs, a director’s examination may be a more efficient solution than a full financial statement audit.

Internal Audit
Internal audit is defined as “an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations.” Internal audit programs are one of the most effective tools to assure that you have a comprehensive risk management program in place.  A systematic, disciplined approach to evaluating the efficiency your bank’s risk management, controls, and governance puts you in a better position to accomplish bank objectives.  Internal audits verify that your bank has the internal controls in place and are appropriately designed for your organization.

  • IT Audit and Risk Assessments
  • External Penetration Testing
  • Internal Penetration Testing


Allowance for Loan and Lease Loses (ALLL) Analysis
ALLL is under more scrutiny than ever.  Recent economic conditions have taken a once simple exercise to a much more technical level. Bankers have had to add terms like environmental factors, quantitative values and portfolio segmentation to their vocabularies. If you’re concerned with the ALLL process or want a review of your existing provisions and calculations, MIB Banc Services, LLC can help you identify and quantify the risks in your portfolio.  We can help you develop and implement a working model for your ALLL that offers a well-supported and appropriate level of analysis while addressing requirements.

Interest Rate Risk Review
In accordance with regulatory expectations, the complexity of interest rate risk models has grown to support multiple capabilities like earnings and capital levels, business models, risk profiles and operations.   Analysis is done on earnings calculations as well as the economic value of capital measurements. Regulators expect management to conduct ongoing monitoring and back testing of the models’ performance using the interest rate risk model results.  We conduct an independent review and validation of your IRR exposure.  We appraise your interest rate risk model’s assumptions, simulations, and forecast “back-testing” using guidance from the Joint Agency Statement. You gain the confidence in your systems you deserve.

Loan Review Services 
A banks’ loan portfolio is usually the largest group of earning assets on the balance sheet; therefore posing significant risk.  Independent external evaluation is recommended to identify risk in the loan portfolio, which prevents future loss. We conduct customized loan reviews based on your specifications and can also include stress testing and/or ALLL adequacy review.

Credit Analysis Services
Many banks struggle with preparing in-depth loan write ups to make informed decisions. MIB specializes in business lending and our experienced staff is recognized for excellent financial analysis.  We are a flexible resource for preparing business loan write-ups and loan committee presentations.


Block Time Consulting
Block time consulting lets you reach out for assistance without having to go through the traditional engagement process. Once you’ve purchased a block of time, simply call one of our knowledgeable team members to assist with an area of need. Block time can be used for any of the services that MIB Banc Services, LLC provides.

Policy & Procedure Awareness
A review of all current policies and procedures creates a solid foundation for a compliance program.   Let us evaluate your policies compared to current regulations and best practices.  Identifying risks makes substantial strides toward new or improved policy

Shared CFO/CIO
Many banks do not have the resources to retain experienced “C” level managers. Without these seasoned managers, banks face challenges in developing strategies to move forward in an ever-changing regulatory environment. MIB Banc Services, LLC augments your management team with industry professionals on a regular schedule to assist in vision, compliance, planning and implementation, saving you from hiring full-time staff.

Training and Consulting
Understanding current trends and new technology helps you make timely and efficient decisions while remaining compliant with current regulations and best practices.  With our tailored, specialized consulting, you’re always up to date on rapidly changing technology and the regulatory landscape.


Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Review
Banks are required to develop and test BCP plans to ensure survival in case of a disaster. Testing and validating a plan takes more than having the tapes/backups tested to determine if a file can be recovered. Let us evaluate your plan to see if it covers all required elements and ensure that it is feasible and can be accomplished. Validating your plan prepares your bank to meet the challenges of business continuity at a 
moment’s notice.

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